Being a student voice on campus, I created content for the University's social media accounts.


Digital Marketing & Graphic Design Client Work


University of Michigan Ann Arbor




UMSOCIAL is a social media marketing company that oversees communications for the University of Michigan. As one of six interns, I represented the student voice on campus and online. While working for UMSOCIAL, I created content for the official U of M Instagram, students' Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and podcasts.


In 2020 we gained...

6,600 new subscribers on youtube

32,478 new followers on instagram

176,937,616 total impressions over all platforms

Being a voice on campus has helped me grow as a leader and as a student. I've learned a tremendous amount about teamwork and social media strategy. I'm excited to see the skills I learn with UMSOCIAL carry onto my future endeavors.

There's more! Here is what the UMSOCIAL team and I accomplished in 2020...

How did we get here? Here's my work:

Project Overviews

• Instagram Grid for the School of Information


Beginning with a list of subjects that represent the School of Information, the SI team and I compiled possible visuals for the 12-grid post. I then sketched the visuals that I thought would fit well together and drew it out on Procreate.

Feedback from the SI team!

• Gifs and Posts

• Video


Online college campus tours during pandemic--> North Campus Tour

Increasing student engagement on our socials --> Instagram Stories

Keeping UMICH community involved and informed --> Student Vlog Playlist