Epsilon: Jared Jewelry Microsite Redesign

Reshaping your engagement ring searching experience.


UX Design & Web Design


Jared Jewelry



Project Story

As a big part of my summer internship with Epsilon, my team of three interns partnered with Jared Jewelry to work on redesigning their ‘Engagement Ring Guide’ desktop page. We were tasked with creating two redesigns. Option 1 was a redesign based off of a wireframe given to us to follow. Option 2 was a complete redesign where we were given complete freedom. 

Given complete flexibility on how we can approach the project, we realized that there was a lot of unexplored potential in Jared’s site and the wireframe they provided. Dividing our work, we all began with research and split up our tasks according to the project. My focus was Option 2, so I decided to start from scratch and created a redesign that showed our client, Jared, how crucial user experience was for the success and ease of use on their site. 

With the 4 week timespan, I organized this deck, spearheaded the research process between the interns, and received feedback weekly from the larger Jared team. By the end of my internship, I successfully handed in my high fidelity mockup for Option 2, promoted a more UX approach to Jared projects, and practiced being a clearer communicator to clients and team members.