Gratitude Smart Mirror: Digital & Physical Product Design

Re-imagining your self-care routine. Let's start your day off right with some self-love.


UX Design & Research


Class Project




Self-care has always been in the back burner. When work or life becomes a priority, people often forget to appreciate what they have and take care of themselves. Motivated by the 2022 CHI Design Competition prompt of 'gratitude', we designed the The Gratitude Smart Mirror as a guide to practice gratitude for oneself and others. Our goal was to create an enjoyable product that can seamlessly promote self-care into a daily routine and help people foster gratitude.


The Gratitude Smart Mirror reimagines self reflection, relaxation and gratitude using four key experiences. With a verbal journal, focus session, affirmations, and an environment feature, your daily self-care routine will be more accessible than ever. The verbal journal features allows users to express themselves in a more confronting and immersive experience. With thousands of preset images/videos, the environment feature can transform your space. Transforming self-care into a habit, let's elevate self-care routine.